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Can stress cause permanent Infertility?

Date :10-Jan-2020

Infertility can be caused due to several problems, and treating it promptly could help get the desired result. There is a link between stress levels and women’s pregnancy. The more stressed a woman would be the chances to have a successful pregnancy will be minimal.


The link between stress & infertility

Extreme stress can have an adverse effect on pregnancy, but with the right care and support, one could help to have a healthy pregnancy. However, stress alone cannot cause infertility. There are a lot of changes that happen on a woman’s body when under stress. Stress could bring in a lot of unhealthy habits and behaviors.

A stressed woman would stay away from getting intimate with her partner, which might create problems in the relationship. A lot of women get into smoking, drinking, and related behaviors that would hardly improve their odds.

Tackling stress

There is not even one single person who would not get affected by stress. If stress lasts only for a few days, then it is considered to be normal. Whereas stress occurred due to a loss in family or unemployment or certain related issues, then it is better to consult a doctor or meet with your closed ones before it gets worse. 


Talking is the right measure to solve a lot of problems. Talking can help reframe one’s feelings and tackle stress in the right mode. One tends to learn how to challenge the automatic negative thoughts and bring in positivity. 


A proper diet is a must to get a menstrual cycle, which helps in ovulation. Under stress, people tend to either reduce or increase the intake of food, which either way is considered to be bad. This would lead to certain health issues or complications. This could also be an obstacle to getting pregnant. Hence, the diet needs to be apt while planning for a child. Stay healthy to avoid unnecessary issues and to have a healthy baby. 


The right amount of exercise or yoga can bring out the required balance to ones’ mind and body while under stress. Breathing exercises and meditation can improve the thought process and refresh one’s mind. Avoiding stress with all these measures can benefit a woman who plans for a baby. This could also prevent unnecessary complications caused due to stress. Stress

 At Kare Centre, the doctors provide the necessary measures to tackle problems caused by stress and help avoid complications that would cause infertility.

Blog reviewed by: DR. KRISHNAN KUTTY
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