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I am one of the proud customers of KARE Centre. It was after 12 years of prayers and sorrow we came across Dr.Krishnankutty. Long story short, my daughter is named after our beloved doctor, Krishna Nanda.



After 6 years of marriage and still had no child, we desperate for one. A doctor from our locality told us about Dr.Krishnankutty and look at us. One is 3 years old and the other is three months. Is there any word capable of expressing my gratitude?



There’s no word to express my gratitude for I have cried seven long years to have a child of my own. I had lost the last light of hope by the time I heard about Kare. But the moment I stepped in here and the followed days I could feel the hope and positive energy like if I’m in a temple. And yes it was. Even the tiniest behaviours are part of the treatment. That’s Kare.



I wasn’t privileged to have a child of my own for 25 years. It was on the 21st year that I decided to consult Dr.Krishnankutty which made all the difference in my life. I am gifted with a son and he is 9 years old today. There’s a saying that noise is when a one rupee coin falls on the ground but a thousand rupees currency falls silent. Great people don’t look for appreciations but Dr.Krishnankutty totally deserves it for his great services.


I still remember the day I was blessed with a boy child. I was at the temple, waiting for the results, praying and suddenly I could feel a child in my hands. That very moment I received a call from our doctor. And he said, “That’s for you, and I’m only an instrument in the hands of God”. But Sir, for us you are the God himself. .


Vijay Krishnan

Congratulations to the Team at KARE for all the success.
Being a review , would like to pen down the experience which my family had at KARE , back in 2016. For me or for any common person for that matter, Hopitals or health centres are always looked at with a feeling of concern and anxiety. KARE was an exception to this and was definitely a "Home away from Home" for us. The secret ingredient being that love and passion the people at KARE attached with their work and approach towards their clients.


The God himself send us Dr.Krishnankutty to wipe the tears of thousands of couples in our society. Dr.Nirmal too was send to this Bethlehem as the son of God. The staff here are the angels! Nothing matches with the prayers they do for us. I cannot thank them enough for the three little angels they gifted me.


Minu Surdas

I had a very complicated pregnancy back in 2010 because of RH isoimmunisation . It is a very rare complication and many of the gynecologists have not dealt with it here. Dr Nirmal Krishnan is my friend and old classmate. He was a brilliant student back then, so I decided to show him in KARE . He and his team handled my case with utmost care and competency that I couldn't thank him enough.I am happy to say that I owe him and KARE for holding my 8 years old son in my hands now.


Sumesh Murali

Wonderfully crafted center which has excellent god gifted doctors for utmost care, and the very presence of Dr. Krishnankutty sir and Dr. Nirmal sir makes every patient comfortable and a very divine aura to the place which you can feel as u step in to KARE.

Sumathi Maney

KARE is just not a name... Here Professionals & the whole staff really CARE for your feelings. Under the guidance of Dr. Krishnankutty & Dr. Nirmal, the Team provides the best possible treatment to each & every hopeful Couple who approach them with the dream of having a Child. We are blessed with Twin Boys... Thanks to Lord Krishna & of course KARE Team for fulfilling our Dream.... which we thought was almost impossible. KARE made us believe that Miracles do happen in Life. KARE Team ...Keep working towards this noble cause.. All the Best...Stay Blessed!

Dr Rajeev

Had a wonderful experience with the service of KARE hospital in ponkunnam thrissur to be blessed with a baby after a long wait... The unassuming, highly experienced and one of the legends in the field ..Dr krishnankutty and his vibrant team including young and learned dr nirmal krishnan with a dedicated and sincere nursing team really helped us.. in my opinion,KARE forms the most sought after with a perfect blend of experience,expertise,state of art technology, highly skilled technocrats,most effective trained and sincere to the core human resources makes KARE special... Thank u KARE... Thanks for this wonderful life...


We had IVF attempts guided by Dr.Nirmal and monitored by Dr.Krishnankutty. We were always welcomed to a homely atmosphere rather than to just a hospital. The blessings of the other staff especially that of Nurse Pushpa, Dr.Ciju and others were such a releif from the usual stress of any IVF process. Above all in, all the 7 years, we were always greeted with the same kindness and smiling face of Dr.Krishnankutty, and Dr.Nirmal.
We wish them all the best!
Goodluck to Team KARE and thank you!

Praveen KA

A wonderful experience for me and my wife at Kare , it was almost our second home at that time of our treatment . The warmth exuded by the staff right from the security staff thought to cleaners , staff nurses and the manger of the hospital is something worth mentioning and something I have never experienced in another infertility centre so far . The Doctors are so professional and friendly at the same time .. most importantly they have time to listen to your problems .. esp Dr Kk sir and Dr Nirmal who gave us personalised attention ... I can’t thank them enough in realising our dreams and bringing home our bundle of joy . My love and prayers to the entire team who made our life meaningful


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