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Reproductive Endocrinology

Reproductive endocrinology is actually a subspecialty of obstetrics and gynaecology which involves surgical treatment of infertility in both women as well as men. This branch of medicine addresses the hormonal imbalances that give rise to infertility. Many a times, it happens infertility occurs as a result of only hormonal problems in both females and males. This is the exact situation where KARE comes to the rescue of the couples. The highly qualified and trained endocrinologists at KARE make sure to treat hormonal infertility in the most effective way so that couples can enjoy parenthood. The primary focus of endocrinology is on the hormones as well as the glands and tissues that produce them so that the treatment so offered can give positive results. There are more than about 50 hormones in the body of the human beings which exist in very small amounts but still can have a great impact on the functions of the body and its development.

Conditions That are Taken Care of in the Females

The experienced reproductive endocrinologists at KARE help with different conditions or any need related to the female hormones which are as listed below.

  • The female experiences trouble in getting pregnant or is infertile
  • Preservation of fertility that is saving the eggs or the embryos when the female has some specialised condition or needs a specific treatment which can interfere with fertility
  • If the female has experienced more than one miscarriage and cannot carry the baby but get pregnant
  • Females with endometriosis where the lining that builds up inside the uterus of a female begins to grow at other places outside the uterus
  • Females with menstrual problems who have irregular periods, heavy periods or periods completely absent
  • Females who require hormone treatment for the purpose of their sexual development

Treatments Offered
Our trained reproductive endocrinologists at KARE offer the following treatment facilities to the females.

  • Assisted reproductive technology which includes in vitro fertilisation where the fertilisation is done outside the body and after the egg is fertilised, it is placed in the uterus of the females
  • Reproductive endocrinologists at KARE conduct various gynaecologic surgeries as per the requirements and the conditions of the females
  • Specialised hormone treatments are carried out with assisted reproductive technology for treating infertility

Conditions That are Taken Care of in the Males
At KARE, we also take care of male infertility as well and the several conditions that are addressed here are as mentioned below.

  • Infertility in the males as a result of low level of the hormone testosterone or associated problems with the testicles
  • Males with low sperm count, unhealthy sperms, immobile sperms and premature ejaculation
  • Males with libido and erectile dysfunction
  • Prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia in the males
  • Males with Klinefelter syndrome
  • Prostate cancer in males can also play a role in the infertility which is addressed here

Treatments Offered
All our reproductive endocrinologists at KARE offer the following treatment facilities to the infertile males that are as listed below.

  • Hormone therapy is carried out especially testosterone therapy for the enhancement of the level of the essential reproductive hormones
    Surgeries are conducted for repairing any kinds of blockages in the sperm ducts and can also repair varicoceles for the restoration of fertility in the males
  • Assisted reproductive technologies which includes inserting collected sperm into the womb of the females or at times the fertilisation is conducted outside that is in vitro fertilisation or injecting of sperm into an egg which is referred to as intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI

At KARE, we make sure that no couples are denied from enjoying the gift of nature that is parenthood.


Authored by Dr. Nirmal Krishnan

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