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Modular Clean Room IVF Lab

At KARE, extreme care is taken that most efficient and effective infertility treatment is offered to the couples. For this reason, KARE has all the necessary infrastructure to take a very good care of all the requirements. In vitro fertilisation, artificial insemination and a lot of other similar techniques requires a well maintained and well equipped IVF lab which is extremely important. It is absolutely true that the most complex area of construction is the operating department which involves a lot of challenges. KARE has fantastic modular and clean IVF laboratory where the expert doctors carry out the infertility treatment smoothly without any kinds of interruptions.

Importance of a Clean and Modular Setup

The importance of having a perfectly clean and modular IVF laboratory is as discussed below.

  • The modular laboratory helps is providing with the perfect environment for working by all of the expert doctors.
  • The cleanliness maintained is necessary to make sure that there is no contamination which is of immense importance.
  • The modular IVF laboratory readily satisfies all the necessary conditions of the walls, ceilings and other conditions which not only makes the incorporation of all necessary equipment in the lab but also enhances the functionality of the lab at its best.
  • Ultimately, the modular setup makes sure that the IVF lab can fulfil all requirements of the doctors at the time of carrying out the treatment procedure.

Most importantly, the clean and modular IVF lab is a perfect one for its use and additionally, it has the scope of the necessary extensions if required at any point of time.

Authored by Dr. Nirmal Krishnan

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