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Understanding Infertility

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected coitus. It is estimated that 15% of couples experience difficulty achieving conception. Fortunately, in most cases, the cause of infertility can be identified and treated.

In our country, one out of every six couples will have a problem with infertility. However, advances in assisted reproductive technology [ART] have made it possible for the vast majority of couples who have been diagnosed with infertility to fulfill their dreams of having a family.

In most cases, simple tests performed by a reproductive endocrinologist can determine the cause of infertility within a few weeks. Treatment, based on the outcome of these tests, can be as simple as using medication to induce ovulation, or more advanced treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

We believe knowledge about infertility is an invaluable tool when initiating and undergoing fertility treatment and we encourage a full review of the information provided on our website. With this knowledge in hand, you can approach treatment with less fear and apprehension; you will have a better understanding of the possible causes for your infertility and of the options before you.

Causes Of Infertility

Infertility in men is due to Oligospermia, Azzospermia, Obesity, Alcohol, Smoking, and Stress etc…. In women infertility occurs owing to Polycystic ovaries, Fibroids in the womb, Tube blocks, Anaemia, Thyroid problems, Obesity, Repeated abortions, Endometriosis and Psychological reasons.

It is rather paradoxical that in the most populated country infertility remains as a dark and drear reality. The most alarming fact is that the economically upper class constitutes hardly 30% of the population. Never the less the cost of treating infertility is usually exorbitant.

What ever be the problem related to infertility, be it physiological, psychological or monitory, KARE has an answer, a solutions to erase your fears. At this juncture let me also point out that most of my patients at KARE belong to the middle class and lower middle class. KARE assays to provide complete treatment with maximum cost reduction. At KARE all patients get equal opportunity and treatments for infertility ceases to be Unapproachable. Patients rendered with moral support and confidence through proper guidance and counseling, as they entrust themselves in our caring hands.

What Can Be Done To Treat Your Infertility Problem?

The first step in treatment is to treat any problems which have been specifically diagnosed by the testing. Following treatment of specific problems, further management often involves controlled ovarian stimulation using fertility drugs combined with partner insemination. This helps insure that sperm and eggs meet at the appropriate time in the fallopian tubes of the woman on the day of ovulation. There are many additional treatment plans that can be undertaken if controlled ovarian stimulation and partner insemination does not result in pregnancy. Depending upon individual situations, such treatments may include gamete intra-fallopian tube transfer (GIFT), in-vitro fertilization (IVF), intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), zygote intra-fallopian tube transfer (ZIFT), laparoscopic or laparotomy treatment of pelvic factors, and others.

The fact remains that the earlier you seek help, the greater your chances for success. If you and your partner have been trying to conceive on your own without success, or you have been diagnosed with infertility, or your non-traditional relationship inhibits you from getting pregnant, we urge you to see a specialist as soon as possible.

The experts at KARE have the compassion, commitment and expertise to help you create the family of your dreams. To set up a consultation to discuss how we can help you, call (487) 2389466, 2389866.

Authored by Dr. Nirmal Krishnan

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