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Recovery Rooms

What is Recovery rooms?

Recovery rooms as indicated by the name are specialised rooms where the patients are kept so that they are able to regain their consciousness after a surgery. In surgery anaesthesia is used so that patients do not feel the pain and, in the recovery rooms the patients are taken care of so that recover well and in time. This is the reason as to why the recovery rooms are also referred to as post anaesthesia care unit.
At KARE, we have a fully functioning recovery rooms where the patients who had a surgery or any other diagnostic procedures which required sedation or anaesthesia are taken care of. In the recovery rooms, the vital signs are which are taken care of are as listed below.

  • Blood pressure
  • Pulse
  • Body temperature
  • Blood oxygen levels

These vital signs are closely monitored as the effects of the sedatives used or the anaesthesia slowly disappears. The patients might be a disoriented at the time of regaining consciousness which is very well taken care of by the experienced nursing staffs of KARE at the recovery rooms. Our recovery room staffs make sure that the anxiety of the patients is eased so that they are at their physical as well as emotional comfort.
In particular, our recovery room staffs pay a great deal of attention to the respiration or breathing of the patients as they recover from the effect of the sedatives or anaesthesia. Our recovery room staffs are adequately trained and vastly experienced so that they are able to provide the patients with the best post - surgery care which enables them to recover perfectly.

Authored by Dr. Nirmal Krishnan

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