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IVM (In Vitro Maturation)

In vitro maturation or IVM treatment is basically a specialised technique of allowing all of the contents of the follicles of the ovaries along with the oocytes inside to be matured in vitro. This method or technique is particularly very useful for the women with infertility problems. In an addition to this, our professional experts at KARE combines in vitro maturation along with in vitro fertilisation to offer pregnancy to the females without going for ovarian stimulation. Most importantly, the technique of in vitro maturation is considered to be a revolutionary treatment of infertility which comparatively safer as well as a cheaper alternative to in vitro fertilisation. KARE Centre is one of the top IVM fertility clinic in Kerala.

There are many who believe that both in vitro maturation and in vitro fertilisation are the same thing. But in reality it is not so. In vitro maturation is quite a similar technique as compared to in vitro fertilisation but with a notable difference between the two. In the technique of in vitro fertilisation, medications are provided to the females for bringing her eggs to maturity before they are actually removed from the females’ ovaries. But in case of in vitro maturation, the eggs from the ovaries of females are retrieved while they are still not completely mature. The maturity is brought about in the laboratory that is in vitro.


The Procedure

In the procedure of in vitro maturation, the immature eggs are collected from the ovaries of the females which are unstimulated or a minimally stimulated one under the guidance of ultrasound scan. In general, no external medications are given to the females for the stimulation of some additional eggs to grow. But in case of a modified in vitro maturation cycle, a very low dose injectable medications might be given to the females. This low dose medications for the stimulation of ovaries are used with the motive of yielding more immature eggs along with the improvement of the lining of the uterus for receiving the fertilised egg or the embryo.
Now, the so collected immature eggs are matured in the laboratory for about 24 to 48 hours using a cultured medium. At times, the doctors add certain small quantities of hormones for a better maturation in the medium. Then comes the step of fertilisation of the matured eggs which is usually done with the help of intra cytoplasmic sperm injection. In the final step, the fertilised egg or the embryo is appropriately transferred to the womb of the female with the hopes of pregnancy.

Why to Go for The Process?

In vitro maturation is a fantastic technique for the prevention of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome since the medications or injectables for the purpose of inducing ovulation are not applied in this case thereby eliminating the risk of the syndrome. In vitro maturation can be applied to the females with polycystic ovary syndrome because the females affected with this would have a higher tendency to have ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in case of in vitro fertilisation. Thus, in vitro maturation is the perfect option in this regard.

Authored by Dr. Nirmal Krishnan

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