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What is OT? 

It is noted that people who face fertility challenges are relatively depressed than others. Their anxiety puts them in a condition where they find it difficult to perform even the daily routines. This in turn makes the scenario worse by fall in their graph of health. It is obvious that to be fertile a person should be following a healthy lifestyle. But the pressure disables them sometimes. Occupational therapy basically deals with the identification of the desires of the people with the mental or physical disorder and helps them to live life on their own. This is a customer-centric therapy which assists them to engage in the daily activities what they actually aspire to do. The occupation here implies for the activities that are good for health. Some of the well-known occupational therapists believe that everyone should follow a proper routine and diet for their health. We, at Kare, has a fully equipped OT which will sure get you in the right track within no time.

Authored by Dr. Nirmal Krishnan

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