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Follicular Monitoring

Follicular monitoring as can be understood from the name is a process of series of ultrasonic monitoring of the follicles of the ovaries of the females. The monitoring of the follicles is done because of the identification of the maturity status of the eggs. The procedure is extremely helpful for the proper assessment of the size of the follicle which provides the necessary support to the growing egg and also for the determination of the thickness of the lining of the uterus. At KARE, we provide top quality follicular monitoring services so as to help the females to overcome their infertility. Thus, it can be very well understood about the usefulness of the process of follicular scan.


Importance of the Process

Follicular monitoring is absolutely essential for the women who are taking fertility medications. This process plays a significant role in assessing the effectiveness of the undergoing treatment for infertility. To safely proceed with the infertility treatment procedure, it becomes extremely important to know about the number of eggs which will ovulate and what is the exact level of oestradiol. In general, each of the mature eggs should produce about 150 to 200 pg./ml of oestradiol. Thus, having a clear idea about the levels of hormone in conjunction with the test of ultrasound, the determination of the response of a woman to the procedure of infertility treatment can be done much more accurately.
In an addition to this, the correct dose of the medications of treating infertility can be properly adjusted with the help of follicular monitoring. With the help of this procedure, it can be clearly understood whether the response in inadequate or there are too many eggs that have begun to mature. If the level of oestradiol becomes very high, then there are very high chances of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in the female.

Aim of the Process

The ultimate goal of the process of follicular monitoring is to provide a detailed and accurate information about the total number of mature eggs which will be ovulating and at the same time to make sure that the overall process is accomplished with complete safety. At the time when the eggs mature. The doctors at KARE advises the patients to undergo intrauterine insemination or begin with the process of collection of the mature egg for the purpose of in vitro fertilisation.
The ultrasound monitoring in this case helps the doctors to have a clear and complete understanding of the current status of uterus, ovaries and the endometrium. If any kinds of abnormalities are found out in this case, it would clearly depict as to why the female is facing difficulty in conceiving. Apart from these, the process of follicular monitoring also helps in the identification of cysts in the ovaries, hydrosalpinx and pelvic collection are to name a few of them. The monitoring needs to be done on a regular basis which begins with the baseline scan on the 2nd day followed by a scan on the 6th and the 9th day. After this the patient is ready for the necessary management that is required further.

Authored by Dr. Nirmal Krishnan

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