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High Risk Pregnancy

A high - risk pregnancy as can be understood from the from the name where the pregnancy involves a greater amount of risk to the pregnant mother as well as her foetus. This type of pregnancy complications basically threatens the health of mother and the foetus thereby involving a lot of risk. This is exactly where KARE comes to the rescue. With our adequately trained and vastly experienced doctors, some of the most complicated and risky pregnancies are handles with immense care so that both mother as well as her baby is safe. We at KARE very well understand that high risk pregnancies involve a lot of potential complications and therefore our experts manage the situation to ensure the best outcome for the both the mother along with her baby.


Risk Factors

There are a number of risk factors involved which contributes to the high - risk pregnancies which are extremely important to keep in mind so that they can be avoided.

  • Age of the Mother – Maternal age is one of the most common risk factors for high risk pregnancies. It is to be kept in mind that women who are less than 17 and greater than 35 are at a higher risk of complications in their pregnancy. Moreover, the risks of miscarriages as well as genetic defects readily increases after the women crosses the age of 40.
  • Pre Existing Health Conditions ­– There are a number of conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV, problems of heart, lungs of kidney, autoimmune disease etc. which if exists before pregnancy further increases the risk for the mother and her unborn baby. It would be ideal in this regard to seek medical advice so that necessary precautions can be taken to reduce the risks in pregnancy.

Risk Factors Developing During Pregnancy
It happens at times that the mother is healthy at the time of becoming pregnant but after that some medical conditions may develop during pregnancy which might create a problem for the mother and her unborn baby.

  • Preeclampsia – It is actually a syndrome which involves high blood pressure, urinary protein along with swelling. This can be a threat to the mother and the baby if not treated at the proper time.
  • Gestational Diabetes – It is a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy which if not treated properly might cause a lot of problems to the foetus and the mother. Usually, this type of diabetes resolves after the delivery is over.

Risk Factors Related to Pregnancy
Some of the pregnancy related issues may add up to the high risk pregnancy which are as discussed below.

  • Premature Labor – If the labor occurs before 37 weeks of pregnancy, then it might involve a bit more risk to the pregnant mother and her foetus.
  • Multiple Births ­– If the mother is carrying more than one baby, then the risk increases to a certain extent.
  • Placenta Previa – This is a condition where the cervix is covered by the placenta which can cause bleeding if the woman has contractions.
  • Foetal Problems – The pregnancy can be risky where the foetus develops some major or minor structural problems during the course of development. 

We at KARE, take care of all sorts of risks and complications that can happen at the time of pregnancy at its best so that the both the mother and her new born is safe.

Authored by Dr. Nirmal Krishnan

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