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Neonatology & Paediatrics

Neonatology and Paediatrics are both medical specialities that are connected with each other which involves taking care of the new born babies. Neonatology is basically a subspecialty of paediatrics that involves medical care for the newly born babies until one month one age. This medical service is especially required if the new born is premature or ill. At KARE, we have all the necessary infrastructure to keep the new born in a perfect health condition. We understand that the treatment and care required for this age group is completely different from the older children.
On the other hand, paediatrics deals with medical care of the infants above one month of age, children and adolescents up to the age of 21. The paediatricians are the specialist healthcare professionals who help in the management of the overall health of the child which includes both physical behaviour and issues regarding mental health. At KARE, we have adequately trained and vastly experienced paediatricians & neonatologists to effectively deal with all sorts of childhood illnesses from the minor health problems to even the most serious diseases or problems.


Neonatology Services

At KARE, we have a state of art neonatal intensive care unit or NICU which has all the necessary setup and infrastructure including all the modern gadgets so that the most effective care can be given to new born thereby creating a soothing as well as comfortable ambience to the family in distress. Our trained and experienced neonatologists provide intensive care as well as monitoring in the following cases.

  • Premature babies
  • Babies born too small
  • Babies born with birth defects in the heart, brain, spine, kidney, lungs etc.
  • Newly born babies failing to cry or are deprived of supply of blood or oxygen or both before, at the time or after birth
  • Difficulty in breathing because of pneumonia, premature lungs or meconium aspiration
  • Blue baby as a result of Cardiac disease or PPHN
  • Dullness in the new born and refusal to feed
  • Several other miscellaneous problems or disorders

Paediatric Services
We aim to provide supreme quality paediatric services at KARE so that the children maintain a perfect health condition. Our world class paediatricians provide an efficient and effective care to your child by doing the following.

  • Do all the necessary physical examinations required
  • Giving the required vaccines to the child at proper time
  • Make sure that the child necessarily meets all the milestones in growth, skills as well as behaviour
  • Make a proper and accurate diagnosis for the effective treatment of the illnesses, injuries, infections or any other kinds of health issues or problems
  • Giving the proper information to the parents about the overall health, nutrition, safety and fitness needs of the child
  • Responding to all the queries of the parents about the growth and development of their child
  • Ultimately, the paediatricians refer to the specialists if they feel that it is necessary for the child to avail expert care.

Thus, at KARE, we always make sure that the new born and their parents never face any kinds of troubles of any sort with their best gift of life

Authored by Dr. Nirmal Krishnan

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