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Can you get pregnant naturally after freezing eggs?

Date :19-Nov-2019

If you are considering freezing your eggs for future use, then the biggest apprehension in your mind ought to be the viability of this procedure. Freezing your eggs is a term used to define the process wherein, a woman's eggs are frozen when she is young, to use the same eggs for having children at a later stage.

Freezing Egg
This method is ideal for women that want to postpone having a child. Until the modern era, women had to bear children in their 'child-bearing age' which starts from 14 up to their late 30's. It was generally understood that if a woman tried to bear a child after this phase, there would be complications at delivery and even difficulty conceiving.


Modern medicine, however, has come up with a solution, by freezing your eggs at a young age and then later reusing the same eggs at an older age, you get postpone your pregnancy without all the hazards that are normally associated with it.


This method is particularly preferable for working women who would like to focus more on their career while they are young and have children and raise a family when they are more stable and well-settled in life. It is also a favourable avenue for women who, due to various reasons are physically unable to bear a child at this point.


Numerous well-documented studies have been conducted to look int the efficacy of IVF using frozen eggs, in almost every case women who opted for IVF using frozen eggs enjoyed better rates of conception and healthier births when compared to women who opted for other forms of IVF treatments.


The percentage of success was noticeably higher for women who used their eggs previously frozen when compared to women who used frozen eggs of other women. The medical literature in this regard is quite indisputable. Women who've stored their eggs cryogenically (i.e frozen) stand a better chance at getting pregnant and having healthier babies.



If you or anyone you know is looking to freeze their eggs, reach out to us and we'll recommend an appropriate course of action for your goals.

Blog reviewed by: DR. KRISHNAN KUTTY
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